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The Lion and the Pearls

Sun spilled through the windows. Water spilled from a faucet. It filled pots and pans and mugs, cascading onto plates, washing out discarded flower clippings and submerging lost forks. It was a garden fountain in a sink. There wasn’t usually … Continue reading

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Heartbroken is better than alone

My mother is remarrying. My girlfriend throws her arms around me. Her eyes brim with tears. “Why are you crying?” I ask, holding her away from me so I can see her face. “I am happy! Marriage is happy!” I … Continue reading

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The Dark Snow

Outside in the snow, a lone man digging in the trash. Inside the darkness of a club playing vinyl and the darkness of a little black dress. She suggests a Vespyr for my companion and a Martinez for me. On … Continue reading

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The Waning Days of Jane Grey

1. The first day Jane Grey’s mind went wandering, she meandered through a dry riverbed leading into brown hills. Eventually she came to a dead wood. Leaving the riverbed, she heard a clattering and triumphant shouts. She followed the sounds … Continue reading

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Streams of water and consciousness

In the mirror he could see his face was rounder. It drooped near the neck and his cheekbones no longer shone through taut skin. (Two people in one day), he thought. He saw where an eyebrow was escaping across the … Continue reading

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Dressing for a Party

I wrote this in an hour one June day in Wroclaw, Poland. I’ve since distilled it, but it remains as true to me as the original. Recall when we were young, when I grimaced – doubled over in dramatic agony … Continue reading

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